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Navigating products and finding deals is often a time consuming and tedious activity. Dr. Paul and us here at DrPGx are constantly here to help you overcome stresses and anxieties over which healthcare products, technologies, medical devices, and medical supplies might help benefit you on your goal of achieving a healthier you.

We believe here at DrPGx the more informed you are about your purchase through our insight and using tools we provide to you, that you can become better at picking out what is best for you or your family.

As time went on Dr. Paul found out that a lot of questions he receives from his clients and friends happen to overlap a lot with one another, and now we have made an easy to access shopping page to put these ideas together in order to better serve you in a convenient way. Sometimes inspiration and deals can go hand in hand, so we make sure to put them here first for you to get the best products or prices possible.

During certain seasons in people’s lives, we know it is hard to make it each next week so we will do our best to find value so in turn you can avoid paying a premium for something that is of similar quality and benefit to you.

We feel that we can provide value behind these finds and resources directly to you by avoiding having to directly consult with us (Which we will still love to do) and instead using affiliation agreements, which at no added costs to you, will give us a specific amount if purchased, and provides us with a form of compensation in turn. Our promise to you is that we will make it clear when they are used and follow all operation and legal requirements. Additionally, we do not take any free products or paid advertisements so the content we are giving are our own direct opinions. As always please review our privacy, terms, and disclaimers at the bottom of the page if you have questions.

A New Source – Deep Sea Mining

On my quest to understand more about where the products we use on the daily are sourced from I came across an interesting find that is attempting to solve an ethical and environmental issue in a...

Shopping Tools

Tools To Review Products and Businesses   When you are deciding on a purchase and you may wonder to yourself if this product is safe or potentially a scam, it is important to do your research....

Zolgensma: A Cure For Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The first of its kind, Zolgensma, received FDA approval for a single dose administered therapy that uses the protein capsule of adeno-virus with double stranded complementary gene therapy implanted...

CRISPR and Cas9 Gene-Editing Therapy Starting In The USA

CRISPR Cas-9 cuts DNA at specific places so that bits of DNA can be added or removed. This method of genome editing is used for potetially curing several diseases such as TDT.    Vertex...

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Arrythmia Detection & Reporting

For the most portable and cardiologist smart connected device I recommend the KardiaMobile Six-Lead Personal EKG Device. Alternatively, if you wish to have continuous monitoring and other health measures, one could use a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Affiliate Link) .


Security Deals

Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen (Affiliate Link)  – 3 Outdoor Cameras + 1 Indoor Camera is a great option to cover a substantial portion of your house with a great consideration to value. The indoor camera would be something one could use to watch a turtle tank! It is highly recommended to buy a Sync Module (Affiliate Link) + USB (Affiliate Link) storage device like listed below in addition.

Alternatively, a more robust, and rival to the Blink is the Eufy ecosystem. Their 3rd generation (Affiliate Link) is a bit pricey with the 4K resolution, but the 2K technology is not a bad option and is all ready to go with a sub $200 system. EufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit (Affiliate Link)

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TEAMGROUP C145 128GB 2 Pack USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1/3.0)

This is a solid USB device that is great for backing up information that comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If you backup in duplicate, it could avoid potential issues with drive failures! (Affiliate Link)

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.