Don’t get overwhelmed by your genetic results. Some genetic reports can be difficult to understand or concerning. Auto-generated reports may not give you enough information. Let us help you truly understand your genetic health risks and make the best decisions for your medication therapy. We will interpret your results for you and educate you one on one. This knowledge will guide you making decisions in the future and give you control over your own health. Some other advantages of choosing DrPGx are:

  • We Increase – Effective Therapy and Outcomes, Safety, Quality of Life, Proper Medication Administration Techniques, and Organization of your Health Information
  • We Decrease – Pill Burden, Stress, Cost, Confusion, Hospitalizations, Falls, Adverse Drug Effects, Side Effects, and Interactions
  • Sessions take place with a Clinical PharmD, Medication Therapy Expert
  • Pharmacogenomic certificate training programs in Counseling, Clinical Applications, and Advance Training.
  • Experience from over 100’s of pharmacogenomic interpretations and tests
  • Balance of Tradition and Functional side of Medicine
  • We Go Directly to You & Work With Your Healthcare Team
  • 100’s of CE hours in nutrition programs, medication therapy, safety, and many more areas to bring to you the most up-to-date information

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4. Appointment

Your Clinical Pharmacist discuss your health goals. We will also make a report for your physician. In person, web or phone appointments available.

5. Experience Better Outcomes

Reach your health goals, avoid future risks, understand your body and medication, and be empowered with your new knowledge.


Intro Sessions are for your Doctor of Pharmacy to get to know you more and understand your health goals better. In this session we will also discuss genetic testing and together decide if it’s the right fit for you. If not, don’t worry! There are still many other factors that play a role in your medication management and your overall health that your pharmacist can help you understand.

In most cases you may need additional sessions to reach your health goals depending on the complexity of your case. However, if you get all you need from the intro session that’s great! See below to learn more about what topics we’ll cover in your introductory service, depending on the complexity of your case and what your goals are, we may cover more or less than what is listed.

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Due to the pandemic, we are not able to provide office meetings or in person meetings until 2022.

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Introductory Session Details

Medication Review

Reviewing all your medications to look for burdensome issues or better therapeutic options.

Examples: Duplicate Therapy, Medication Administration Technique, Timing, Narrow Therapeutic Windows, etc.

Medication Side Effect Analysis

Analyzing what side effects you are currently or historically experienced to further understand if there are better choices to alleviate side effects.

Example: A current medication you are taking could be used for the relief of a side effect caused by a medication and a change to therapy should be made

Medication Interaction Analysis

With over 5400 medications on the current market it is important to truly understand if underlying interactions are affecting your health and appropriate therapy choices.

Example: Certain combinations of medications, supplements, and diets can cause an interaction that leads to a failure in therapy or exacerbated/life threatening interactions.

Supplement and OTC analysis

We analyze any supplements or over the counter medications that play a role in your health and medical therapy. We find the most cost-effective options and understanding the information behind what you might be missing or taking too much of.  People sometimes find themselves with severe liver damage or a lower quality of life because they were marketed into using the wrong products.  We do our very best to ensure you are taking the best cost-effective supplements and over the counter medications for your individual needs. We believe there is a truth between both lines of functional and traditional medicine; utilize what truly can create better outcomes without a distortion of fear.

Examples: Knowing the difference between taking your prescription fish oil vs the Alaskan krill derived product.  Which is best for you, safe, and cost effective?

Past Medical History Review

Reviewing your personal past medical history, social history, and family history to further understand your personal case.

Example: Looking at common health conditons or medication sensitivities you or your family have suffered from in the past to better understand your health

Additional sessions details

Pharmacogenomic Interpretation

Taking your genetics, full review of medications, supplements, OTC’s, and history to put together the most comprehensive view of precision medicine and health.  Every component stated above can have a complex effect on your medication. Let us utilize our information, experience, and processes to educate you on what medications to may want to avoid, be cautious about, and which might work best for you.  From dosing to alternative agents, we will let you know what some of the best choices for your current health are and what to watch for in the future.

Examples: You may metabolize medications more than others and in effect would need a higher dose or a different medication  to meet your current therapy goals. You want to start antidepressant therapy but want to use the agent that is best for you.  There could be very high risk of a severe hypersensitivity reaction to specific medications that you were made aware of because of the test.

Predictive Genetics Interpretation

Using genetic information that allows us to look at genetic risks you have to diseases or intriguing beneficial differences you could potentially pass along to children.  Some are sensitive to the information given and we will work together with you to understand what you wish to know and wish to censor.  Let us use our experience to guide you in a safe direction, protect your information, and properly utilize this information to live life to the fullest.  Our goal is to prevent issues not create worry.  No predictive tests can give a truly definitive diagnosis or perfectly accurate odds of risk. Often we can use this information educate you on what to monitor and preventative self-care.

Example: You may want to know your relative risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and what does that translate into.  Some individuals want to know if the have markers for increased IQ or specific nutrients they should structure their diet towards.

Medication Cost Analysis

Reviewing and finding solutions to  the cost you personally face when paying out of pocket.

Examples: Changing pharmacies, duration, and dosages are sometimes solutions to saving large sums of money.

General Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in your health. Your pharmacist can even tell you what foods interact with the medication you take as well as what nutrients your medication depletes. Learn what foods to avoid and what foods to add to your diet.

Report of Findings and Plan

Using the medication review, side effect analysis, interaction analysis, cost analysis, supplement and OTC analysis a report will be generated for you to keep, to bring to your primary care physician, or any specific healthcare person explaining what was found and what is the best actions to be made. Every person’s case is different, and findings can be time sensitive.  We will do our best in certain cases to work on your health with your healthcare team to ensure the best choice is made.

Platinum Services Details

This is a list of platinum services we offer, which are availible to you after an introductory session or a FREE 20 minute consultation.
Extensive Past Medical History and Examination

Building upon the past medical history we delve even deeper into every component to create a concise picture of what currently is happening, educating you on the connections, and presenting findings to the right healthcare specialist.  From blood pressure, diabetic foot exams, to fast blood glucose reading, we will do our best to comprehensively build your personal profile.

Example: If a diabetic patient comes to us we will evaluate their specific case and thoroughly examine their past and choose what tests are appropriate at the time to evaluate.

Custom Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan

We analyze your goals and desired outcomes. Then we educate you on the best diet and exercise plans that will create a healthier you while taking in account the most effective use of your time and money. This educational material will be concentrated on your health issues and medication you are taking. Some medication can cause electrolyte and nutrient depletion. Specific and detailed plans will be given to you based on several factors that are unique to you, like genetics, weight goals, and food allergies.

Example: There are costly diet plans and intense workout regimens that might be taking advantage of you or causing more harm than benefit. Know the right model to maintain a dedicated healthy life can safe money and promote safety.

Educational Sessions

Information you personally desire to learn more about in the medical realm to personal information security. If it involves your health or health information we can spend time learning for a better future.  

Example: Want to dive deeper into asthma and allergies to understanding more advanced concepts of genetic information, this is designed for me to give you the chance to grasp core concepts so you may build a better you. Or maybe you are a client with type two diabetes mellitus and want to really get to the bottom of what can be done to lower your risks, improve outcomes, and be healthy with evidence based guidelines and peer-reviewed articles.

Monitoring Program

A program designed to help understand what you should be looking for, other health professionals, and us.  Certain individuals have complex cases or others want to maintain the healthiest life possible. We will work together to utilize a program designed to keep you aware, safe, and proactive.

Examples: A proactive health conscious individual wants to monitor their mental facilities and capacities.   We will use the information we have at hand to know evidence based risks you have and how/who is best to assess such areas.

Patient Advocacy

Do you or your loved one need a caring and expert healthcare professional to be alongside you during a medical appointment, need help understanding medical bills, finding services to best support your specialized needs, help understanding and consolidating complex medical situations, or someone to listen? This services is intended to help those with specialized needs, disabilities, and the elderly.

Example: You are the POA over your grandmother in Florida, you are unable to bring your grandmother to an important cardiology appointment. I would provide complete transportation, setup a conference call at the appointment so you can attend and/or stand-in as an advocate, have the medical office send the medical note to you, help retrieve medication from your grandmother’s pharmacy after the appointment, help review/reinforce what occurred at the appointment, organize their medications, and help with any disability relevant tasks around the house such as changing a light bulb, installing a nightlight, and removing objects on the ground to prevent falls. Feel free to call us to explain the situation and to receive an immediate quote.

Specialized Labs for Warranted Conditions

Labs for those who want to know more than what is generally measured and reviewed by their primary care physician.  

Examples: Want to know more about your cardiovascular health than a simple LDL number? Want to see if your multivitamin actually increases your Vitamin D level? These and many other labs can be ordered to really get the correct picture of health.

Whole Genome Testing

Whole genome testing is the process of sequencing your genetic information to get over 3 billion pieces of data.  It is the entire picture of who you are. The goal and intent is to capture all the information about your DNA sequence.  In the future, studies will find specific areas of interest that you may want to learn about. With this information you will always have the ability to find out what risks or benefits you possess.  In other words, it is a comprehensive snapshot of who you are genetically that can be used currently and for the rest of your life as the evidenced based scientific world wide community develops more information.  Sometimes information revealed in these tests can reveal serious outcomes and requires a genticist. We would always refer you to one if necessary.

Example: You have a pharmacogenomic test that reports back that it was unable to identify what type of metabolizer you are.  We would order a whole genome test and find out what type of metabolizer you truly are. Or you wish to understand all the latest information possible about what benefits you DNA has on your health.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing gives you the information on which substances are causing allergic issues in your life.  The test can be done by blood or preferably tested on your skin to positively identify the severity of your allergies at a one of our clinics.  All skin testing is performed at a physician’s office.

Example: You wake up in the morning drained of energy because the entire night you could barely breathe through your nose due to sinus swelling and post nasal drip.  You have tried figuring out what is causing this issue but a regular blood card intolerance test came back with an excessive amount of elevated resistances that you have no idea where to start.

Booking & Appointment Details

What can I expect at an appointment?

DrPGx™ is designed to meet with you primarily at the comfort of your house. You may expect a Pharmacist, and possibly with a medical assistant, to promptly meet you at your appointed time and location. In general, we will have reviewed your medical history form and/or labs beforehand. Further important health questions may be asked to gain a deeper understanding of you. Depending on what package and history we may measure your blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, or any other pertinent information. After, we will review our findings and give you specific educational material. With some service packages we may even go to your local grocery store or supplement store to help you better select healthy choices and cost-effective supplementation. We will happily answer any questions you have during and after any step of the session. As a closing we will either leave our recommendations with you, contact your ordering prescriber’s office, or mail/email further recommendations for you or your healthcare team to review.

Where are the appointments located?

At this moment we offer our services at the convenience of your home for no extra charge except when travel is beyond 60 miles one way from my office. Travel over 60 miles is $0.50 a mile. If you wish to meet me at our office we are more than glad to accommodate. Advantages of a home visit, depending on the package, is that there would be no wait times, travel, and no medicine or supplement bags to bring. Those who order special tests such as skin allergen testing will have their appointment directed to one of our physician clinics (Located in South Florida).

For most months, one week will be spent in the North Tampa area. We will travel 60 miles from the zip code 34689, any mileage over is $0.50 a mile.

What do I need to have a pharmacogenomic interpretation done?

You will need a pharmacogenomic test performed with accessible results.  Call us if you have another type of genetic test performed. Sometimes the information can be used to find other interpretations.  If you have not had any testing performed then call us so we can bundle the right test for your health goals for you.

Will there be paperwork?

Yes, I want to deeply understand your health needs and history. To make the most of our appointment time together we will have a secure form sent to you by email before we first meet.  This information will be used for me to spend time on your case before hand so we may serve you with utmost quality.  If you wish to fill the paperwork out at the appointment location we encourage you to purchase the Platinum Package to allow for this time. Please call if you have any questions beyond what was discussed here.

How and when do I pay?

We accept all major credit card brands, checks, and exact cash. Payment is due after services are rendered, not during booking or before an appointment.

Do you offer discounts?

Active Military, Military Reserve, Military Veterans, LEO, EMS, and First Responders will receive a discount of 10% off. Please provide applicable ID at your appointment.

Teachers and students also receive a discount of 10%. Please provide applicable ID at your appointment.

If you would like services for your family members we provide discounts, call for more details.

Discounts are provided if services are used for multiple employees at your workplace. Call us to get started.

Repeat Customers may receive a discount. DrPGx is always here to help if you have medication changes that were after your appointment with us, you have developed new health issues, or anything else we can help you with.

Are there other services you provide not listed?

Yes, such as lessons on protecting your health information and safer technology practices, family health sessions, and workplace sessions.  There are many areas we are comfortable working in. If we cannot provide what you are looking for we will let you know when it would be offered or refer you in the best direction. Those who have purchased Platinum Services will have discounts offered to their immediate family and for future services. Feel free to call us to have an entire catalog of services emailed to you for your convenience.  The Platinum package is designed to meet the highest amount of customized health services possible while encompassing what you exactly desire.

What if I am practitioner, pharmacist, or own a clinic and want to know only about pharmacogenomics?

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