Are you interested in bringing in the benefits of pharmacogenomics with the knowledge and expertise of a trained and experienced pharmacist?

To get started please call or email us at any time, we will reach out to you to address any questions and gladly will meet you.  We are specialized pharmacogenomic clinical pharmacists who put the patient first. It is apparent that the field of pharmacogenomics needs to be handled by qualified pharmacists rather than sales reps who leave piles of papers and false promises.  Our program and connections are here to make you stand apart, lower your risks, increase your ratings, improve outcomes, and prevent adverse events.

Understand if your practice model fits pharmacogenomic testing:

  • Do your patients suffer from cardiovascular, psychiatric, neurological, oncological, immunological, gastrointestinal, and pain?
  • Have your patients had instances of supra or sub-therapeutic effects with normal dosing?
  • Have your patients had serious adverse reactions to medication classes?
  • Are your patient’s currently taking drugs are affected by their pharmacogenomics?
  • Have you had patients who have failed multiple therapy options or have compliance issues?
  • All of these patients and more can benefit from pharmacogenomic testing.


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